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Home Defense Strategy points to ponder

Face it, we all have visions of how a real home defense situation is likely to happen in our

own homes. There are only three types of defense locations: home, transit, and other locations. We expect to sleep peaceably in our homes at night, safe and secure with our families. Hopefully, we have a strategy based on our particular environment and needs. The following are some points not often considered during home defense strategies.

During a recent class of about 10 people, I asked how many people had a pair of shoes next to their bed. Only one out of the ten did. So, in the middle of the night you hear a crash downstairs, you hop out of bed and grab a pistol or long gun and decide to investigate. Imagine if you -

Get to the top of the steps and step on a Lego or dog toy causing you to fall down the steps with a loaded firearm in your hand. This is especially an issue with a long gun, or if you have a light in one hand and a gun in the other.

After making it down the steps, you detect movement and step forward. The crash you heard was a glass that the intruder had knocked off your kitchen counter after jimmying the door. The small shards of the drinking glass cut into the bottom of your bare foot.

Do you sleep without a shirt on? Do you put one on when you get up? Do you prefer a long gun for home defense? Have you ever fired that gun bare chested? Do you think it will effect your response?

More about your strategy, a little about the use of tell tales. Tell tales are very useful in many situations. I break them into three categories: security seals, placement, and lighting. They are a great tool for a layered defense.

Security seals- usually done with sewing thread or scotch tapes depending on the situation. These are most often used when out of your home but can be used when leaving your home for a period of time. Say you are leaving on vacation for a week and do not expect anyone coming to your home. Some gray or tan thread can be used to string across the entrance to your back yard, about waist high so as not to be disturbed by animals. You can also take a few pieces of tape and put them in the lower corners of all exterior doors. Now if you come home and the string across the entrance to the back yard is broken it should make you suspicious, then you walk around to the back door and find that the tape you put in place is ripped. Act accordingly. The tape also works well with your vehicle when leaving it say in an airport parking lot. Doing the hood, trunk, and doors only takes a minute but can give you a huge piece of mind when you return.

Placement- when I go to bed at night I button up by closing all doors, pushing all chairs in, locking all doors and windows. Now if I come downstairs and anything is out of place it draws my attention. You can do this with any items, even say on a desk.

Lighting- my strategy is to work from the darkness whenever possible. In my own home, I am better at negotiating my house in the dark than an intruder is. When I go to bed, the only lights left on are exterior lights. The house is completely dark. When leaving your house, it is your choice to leave a light on or not. Leaving a light on allows you to see silhouettes inside the house.

There is more to home defense strategy than tools and tactics.